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Centrafuse 3 audio problem

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  • Centrafuse 3 audio problem

    Hey guys my hdd failed today so popped in a new drive and reinstalled windows 7, i've reinstalled centrafuse 3 but the audio only plays from the left speakers, the same tracks play fine with wmp, i've unnstalled and reinstalled centrafuse but still the same problem, any ideas?

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      Only thing I can think of is to make sure all you setting's are good, In the win7 mixer control's make sure balance is set, then in CF make sure you have the right audio device set and maybe check the mixer in CF to see if balance is off. All I got for you SNO


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        Thanks SNO, i've tried all of that Think i'll reinstall windows might be a driver issue i guess


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          Good news, it works reinstalled windows again


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            When in doubt, delete all Centrafuse settings. Uninstalling/Reinstalling doesn't necessarily do that. On a Win7 machine, it should be here: C:\ProgramData\Centrafuse\Centrafuse Auto. Centrafuse has its own mixer - maybe you accidentally shifted the balance there?

            If you formatted the drive while reinstalling Windows, and it fixed the issue, chances are the problem was in your Centrafuse settings. Hopefully, if it happens next time, you don't have to blow away the whole OS and could just reset the settings
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