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CF 4.3.6 Handsfree - cant get audio out of PC

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  • CF 4.3.6 Handsfree - cant get audio out of PC

    Day 4 of random clicking, trying to get the Centrafuse Handsfree Phone app to work.

    A lots of things seem a bit flaky... sometimes they work one way, sometimes they work another way... I may get to the bottom of that...but..

    The big problem is that I have yet to get phone audio to come over the speakers. The Microphone audio goes out to the dialed party, but I cant hear him. I have my system speakers selected for both "Phone Audio Playback Device". If my media player is playing, the audio mutes when I make a call, but no phone audio comes out of the speakers.

    Also, when in a call, there are two icons that appear on the top of the APP... one on the top left and one on the top right. The icons both look like Smartphones. I don't know what the one on the left does. The one on the right seems to by default send garbage out over the phone. When you click it, the garbage noises stop and the PC Microphone audio goes out as it should. Push it again and the Microphone audio stops and is replaced by weird whiney noises again. It almost works like a mute button, except that when it mutes the mike it sends out garbage instead. Also, by default it sends out garbage, not mike audio. On top of all that, there is no indicator do tell if it is sending out audio or garbage, so I cant tell exactly what mode it is in if I loose track of how many times I pushed the button.

    So, in summary,

    -I have no phone audio on my PC speakers.
    -I have no idea at all what the "phone" looking icon on the upper left does.
    -I am not sure what the identical "phone" looking icon on the upper right does, and I cant figure out if it is currently letting mike audio or garbage noises out.

    Another random problem I have had is that sometimes the "hang up the phone" icon disappears and I cant hang up the phone. It seems to come and go, and maybe be related to what app I was in just before I selected the phone app. Right now, that annoys me but until I can get the audio issues worked out it isn't high on the list of things that bother me.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Has anyone seen a really clear tutorial on setting up this version 4.3 Phone app? I spent the last three days surfing the forums at lunch at while I saw plenty of people saying they were having a variety of problems, the solutions I couldn't find. The hands free app is really one of the important ones... gotta get it to work somehow.


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    Hi mate,ive had the same problems you have right does work pretty well but the setup i found is a bit tricky.i found it makes a diffrence on what order you install your required programs ie. Cf4/ bluesolie and sound card drivers....the easyst way i found was to do a full reinstall of windows and then CF and its required the setup gets a little screwed when your test running CF and fine tuning it and if its your first time with CF4.....if your not wanting to reinstall i can sugest this.uninstall bluesoile for a start...then make sure you are using only windows drivers for the soundcard,if your using and 3rd party drivers and /or programs for the sound card it wont work as well so uninstall and install bluesolie and bluesolie and go to its settings and disable everything except headset audio.also disable the a2dp audio as it isnt properly working anyway.then make sure bluesolie is set to headset mode not CF4 and make go to advanced settings in bluetooth and set the both audio sourses for the phone to default (important step) then make sure allthe other phone settings are set to there defaults and up CFagain and pair your phone thur CFs advanced bluetooth settings....make a call and it should work.....i found CF and bluesolie retain some pairing info and various files even when uninstalled so this might not help but it did for me....for a while....i ended up formating and reinstalling everything in this windows drivers for win update....install all CF4s prerequisites.... install CF4....install bluesolie with everything disabled except headset profile...start CF4 and rerun pairing utility and it sould all work....test run phone app.....then install anything else you want for centrafuse.
    Also if you check my username on the CF forums and find my posts there is a lot about bluetooth over there.

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      Thanks Camo, I'll try your suggestions tonight after I pick up an 18 pack on my way home ;-)

      Any idea what the two icons that I mentioned are supposed to do? To add to what I said the icon on the upper left that looks like a smart phone is always green and the one on the upper right is always greyed out appearing.



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        Im pretty sure thats the button to switch between the car pc speakers and the handsets mic and speakers,say you have a full car of people and you need to take the call privatly,you tap that button and pickup your phone and continue the call.

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