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CF 4.3.6 Bluethooth Phone Talk Button Emulation for ture hands free voice dialing

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  • CF 4.3.6 Bluethooth Phone Talk Button Emulation for ture hands free voice dialing

    The title sort of says it all. I have centrafuse 4.3.6 and my carPC has a 3dSP Bluetooth adaptor. The PC is running Windows 7. I have a Motorola Droid 4 phone with jelly bean. When I load CF, the Bluetooth pairs as it should and when I go to the phone CF app, I can dial any number on the touch screen, or my contacts. So all the hardware and software seems to work fine. The mic and speakers also work fine.

    If you pair a Bluetooth headset instead of a car PC, you press a 'talk' button on the headset for 2 seconds and it can be used to activate voice commands on the android phone. You can set up the phone to recognize the talk button to load a voice recognition program. Or there is a way to set up hotkeys on the phone to do the same. Then you talk into the mic and essentially can get full control of your android phone using an app such as google or cyberon voice commander. This allows voice recognition by the phone to call out or open programs, etc.

    What I am looking for is a way to emulate the talk button on the CarPC with CF or another app that can be added to CF so that you just press a 'talk button' on the screen or on your steering wheel control and it works the same as the talk button on the Bluetooth headset. Does such an animal exist?

    Without the talk button, you must also open the voice command program manually on the phone and that defeats the purpose of a true hands free device.


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    i cannot respond to your question. im new to CF, but im curious. do you get contact list in CF? i only get dialed,received calls, i can dial numbers manually or choose from the list of dialed,received calls, but my contact list in CF is empty and if i get a call i dont know how to awnser it from CF. using samsung galaxy s2 with blusoleil 10

    on the bluetooth audio section also it doesnt have good functionality. i have to manually press play on the phone so it starts playing the music. i cannot skip songs or get song lists in CF from bluetooth audio.