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Video files not playing.

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  • Video files not playing.

    Hi, I'm having an issue playing video files in centrafuse they did work before but not any more and i'm not sure why.
    I can select the video file from the media manager the tittle shows but the video does not play and the progress bar does not move.

    I use vlc player to play all my media outside of centrafuse. I have tried to download the vlc plugin but i just get a message saying windows cant open this file.

    any input welcome, thanks

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    Have you tried reinstalling a codec pack? I like cccp Just a thought SNO


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      i have now but still no joy. It doesnt seem to be trying to play the videos if there player openned but the was no picture that would be something but it doesnt do anything.


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        A small step forward, after restarting the system i now have the progress bar moving and sound but still no video.

        problem solved and as i suspected the problem was me, so i will now hang my head in shame at what a fool i have been.

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