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    Well, I tried CF out last night, and I must say that I am impressed. However, are you planning on adding support for WMA song info? When I add all of my 5,000 songs to the database (I encode in WMA format cause I like the sound better), it only adds the MP3's to the actual Artist, Album, etc... Is it possible to add the WMA's and sort them like the MP3's as well (like Windows Media Player 9 or 10)? That's the feature I'm waiting for.

    Also, can you make it a bit less playlist centered? I love the playlist on the fly aspect, but I would rather just click on a song and it would automatically start playing it, instead of just adding it to the playlist. You could even make this just an option in the settings so that everyone can be happy.

    Thanks, and your frontend still rocks no matter what.