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MP3 CD won't play...

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  • MP3 CD won't play...

    I have some MP3 cd's I've made and still like to listen to in the car...

    They are organized in folders by album.

    When it didn't start to autoplay... I went to play cd... said no valid cd tracks..

    When that didn't work I thought I'll browse to it thru directory mode...
    Still no go... can't get back beyond your music directory...

    So... any solutions? I use FrodoPlayer and when you stick in an MP3 cd
    it just automatically loads every song on the cd no matter what dir it's in.
    While I'd like to still be able to pick which folder I'd like to go into.. at least
    I can play my MP3 CD's....

    Thanks for the help! Great app!
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    I haven't coded this in yet... I actually didn't think about... I have never used an mp3 cd before... This won't take me long though... I will add it..

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