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Integrated character LCD support!

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  • Integrated character LCD support!

    Just got done adding character LCD support. Currently it only works with HD44780 parallel LCD's. I added support for this basically because there was one sitting in a broken NAS in the server room at work. Are there lots of other types of LCD's I would need to support? What all does everyone use? If it ends up being a lot of different LCD's I might go with something like LCDC, but for know I have built in support for the parallel HD44780..

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    THATS GREAT, I was thinking of integrating a Character LCD for when it is bright out i cannot see anyhing on my lilliput, this makes it more feesable, go you!
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      It would be great if you could add support for Girder through a plugin with the same character info. In fact, a plugin to take commands from girder, and to send events to girder, would be excellent. Girder has its own plugin to support various character LCDs, and to take input from various sources (IR/RF remotes, etc)

      In my case, I'm working on some girder code that will interface with my Murano's headunit/lcd display through the nbus protocol. This way, I will have access to the integrated controls (steering wheel scan/seek, preset buttons on head unit, etc).

      I'll be adding a touchscreen in addition to the oem screen sometime in the near future, and it looks like centrafuse will be my frontend of choice (really like what you've done so far). It would be sweet to have it integrated with the controls ;-)


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          That's great!

          One of the reasons I still use MediaCar is the integrated support for the charachter LCD.
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