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Just another thread of praise - and a request!

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  • Just another thread of praise - and a request!

    day i went on a 550km drive (7hrs), and needed to find a frontend to use... I tried to install FP, but i guess i missed one of the 300 prerequisites, so it had some sort of error. Then i installed MediaCar, but it wont play my WMAs (just spent the last 3 weeks ripping all my CDs to WMA, so that wasnt an option!), but CF just worked perfectly straight out of the box!

    I have posted before about the speed of CF, with each screen taking around 5 seconds to load on my Epia800 w/ 512mb RAM; but it was acceptable because MP3s keep playing without skipping while it is loading... 7hrs of non stop Mp3s, and it was PERFECT! No crashes, no problems

    So thanks Veetid! you have made great piece of software here

    BUT!! i have one request... More keyboard support please! I'm talking Everything... Some of us dont have touchscreens; and even if i did, i sometimes like to drive with the screen closed (its bright at night - even with the dimmer on), and i'd like to be able to assign each and every button in CF to a keyboard button.

    And another thing, I tried setting up hotkeys, but it doesnt seem to work without Modifiers, and i'd like to set up some essential actions to my 17 key numpad. Can you look at allowing that? the main ones i am using are 0-9, /, *, -, +, ., [Enter] and [Backspace]. That way i should be able to navigate without looking at the screen... (which is safer while driving)


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    Originally posted by Dominik
    ... I tried to install FP, but i guess i missed one of the 300 prerequisites,

    The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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      And before Frodo comes back with a response that will make me look dumb, i do think i could have got it working, but at the time i only had 2hrs to set up my carPC, and i wanted something that would just work!

      I'll probably sort it out when i get back home, but it would be nice to have packaged all the required pre-reqs in the download; and have the setup program do the installation for me...

      Anyway, i was hoping nobody would make too much of a deal from that; lest i make any enemies , my main point was to thank Veetid!


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        speed problem has been fixed... program is atleast 4x faster... I don't even use a loading screen anymore because its not neccesary... The program should work great without a touchscreen... I have setup most all the functions I would think would need to be used in the hotkey section... If there is a function that isn't included in the hotkeys config file, just let me know and I will add it...

        I personally never tried the hotkeys without modifiers, but it should have worked, must be a bug... I will get that fixed before the next version... Then you won't have to wait on the loading screens and you can perform everything with your keypad

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          Originally posted by Dominik
          And before Frodo comes back with a response that will make me look dumb
          I'm not that mean

          I only make rude people look dumb.
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          My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
          It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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            Originally posted by frodobaggins
            I'm not that mean

            I only make rude people look dumb.
            I don't know that any of us will ever forget how someone tried to teach you some math, trying to defy your logic on your sig.


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              Awesome! thanks Veetid... I cant wait for the new release...

              And Frodo, thanks for being easy on me. It was the ker-fuffle over Serial Thrilla and that guy who couldnt understand your sig that got me worried

              Eventually i hope to have a choice of a few front ends on my car PC; for whatever suits my mood, and yours will be one of them (and of course so will CF!!)


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                Awesome software! Is there a donation address? I'd like to send a small contribution.

                I have a hotkey request as well. I'd like to ask if you can possibly map the music previous/next track functions to the same hotkey as video. I noticed that they're not exactly the same in the application so I don't know how difficult it would be to implement. In addition, i'd like to request a hotkey for shuffle; that would be great.

                Thanks again for everything. I'm looking forward to the new release.
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