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Problem with MP3's containing non-US characters

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  • Problem with MP3's containing non-US characters

    Has anyone else noticed any problems whan utrying to play MP3's that contain non US-characters in either the file name and/or in the ID.
    For example if I have a song that contains the character "" (an a with two dots on it) in the ID3 tag it will show up as a "d" in the music manager. The song will still play but the name will be wrong. If the same characters is in the filename of the song and I'm using the "directories" mode to play it, the character will be displayed correctly. So this is most likely an encoding bug in the ID3 reader code.

    invalid chars:

    "" (o with 2 dots on) -> "v"
    "" (a with one dot on) -> "e"
    "" (a with 2 dots on) -> "d"

    PS. I'm using the new 1.1 beta version.