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640 x 480 skin for centrafuse?

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  • 640 x 480 skin for centrafuse?


    I was wondering if anybody has made a 640 x 480 skin for Centrafuse. It might sound totally out of date to ask for a VGA resolution skin but there is a good reason.

    Im using Win XP Pro and centrafuse as HOST car PC. My user interface is a PDA with VGA resolution running Terminal Services Client over WLAN. This setup lets me use my PDA with touch screen as remote control and have the power of the PC and storage capacity of my HDD.

    Furthermore is my car installation very clean cause hole my CarPC is mounted within a 2 DIN case (fitted in the 2 DIN radio hole in the instrument board) and a 12V-12V converter in the trunk.

    In case that this is not available does anybody have some kind of tool or perl script that can change all the values in the skin.xlm file with a given factor? Ex. if I use the stretch 800x600 skin as reference, I only have to multiply all the values with 0.8.