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  • Smarter Database Algorithm...Listen To The DJ :)

    Alright guys.... ive brought this up before in another thread... and i wanted veetid to give this a look. I am a professional Mobile DJ and i use this software called ScratchLive. Basically its a computer based software that interrprets the needle on the record (or CD) and plays the mp3 from the computer at that location ( for more info). Now, I have about 18,000 mp3s on my DJ laptop computer and i have about 12,000 in my carpc. As a DJ, u can imagine i get songs ALL the time and i update my database of songs VERY often. ScratchLive software has a great database algorithm where if you would like to add say one song to your collection, you just drag it in the app and voila... the mp3 is now in the database, without having to resync the 19,000 mp3s (and waste 20 minutes). I was hoping that CF's next version will be able to have something of that sort. And veetid, if your listening... you can download the software legally for that DJ software at and you can see how the database works. Thanks
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    Chita79: I have that in mind.... Currently when you use any filebrowser in CENTRAFUSE and remove any music files from your computer, it automatically removes the entries, if there are any, from the DB. Also when you rip a CD, it autmatically appends the ID3 information to the DB... I can make some way to append files... don't need a new algorithm, just need to build an interface to do it....

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