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  • Weather for other countries

    Hi David,

    I understand that the weather forecast is designed for US use..any possibilities of opening up the option to allow other countries to use that function.


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    yeah! that would be super!

    * Or you could have a list of diffrent location (zip codes) and on button that said "From GPS" so you got the LONG / LAT from the GPS, and showed the weather forcast ther also..

    SUPER APPLICATION! Had MediaCar but this ROCKS!!


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      Other Contries

      got mine working with and belguim

      for sweeden try the following zip code SWXX0031


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        Originally posted by Mossy69mp3
        got mine working with and belguim

        for sweeden try the following zip code SWXX0031
        acutally that changes depending on the town, but an easy way to find out the correct value is to use, go to weather, choose a reigon, choose your country, then when you get the list of towns, youŽll notice that when hovering with the mouse over the link, you get a value similar to the one above, type that value in where it says postal code in CF and yourŽe all set to go!


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          what he said... It wasn't designed for US... It works for anywhere and you can set the convert to celsius and km from options in setup..

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            Hey...guess i didnt explore cf enough...wonderfully done. Thanks!


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              here is the postal codes for sweden:
              Angelholm SWXX0001
              Bastad SWXX0062
              Boras SWXX0002
              Enkoping SWXX0003
              Eskilstuna SWXX0004
              Falkenberg SWXX0005
              Gaddede SWXX0045
              Gavle SWXX0006
              Gothenburg SWXX0007
              Gotska Sandon SWXX0056
              Gunnarn SWXX0044
              Halmstad SWXX0008
              Harnosand SWXX0009
              Helsingborg SWXX0010
              Hoburg SWXX0059
              Holmogadd SWXX0048
              Huddinge SWXX0011
              Junsele SWXX0047
              Kallinge SWXX0012
              Karlshamn SWXX0013
              Karlskrona SWXX0014
              Karlstad SWXX0060
              Kristianstad SWXX0015
              Kuggoren SWXX0050
              Kungalv SWXX0016
              Landskrona SWXX0017
              Lidingo SWXX0018
              Linkoping/Malmen SWXX0054
              Lulea SWXX0019
              Malilla SWXX0055
              Malmo SWXX0020
              Malung SWXX0051
              Molndal SWXX0021
              Norrkoping SWXX0022
              Nykoping SWXX0023
              Ostersund/Froson SWXX0046
              Partille SWXX0024
              Ronneby SWXX0058
              Satenas SWXX0053
              Skelleftea SWXX0025
              Soderhamn SWXX0064
              Sodertalje SWXX0026
              Sollentuna SWXX0027
              Solna SWXX0028
              Solvesborg SWXX0029
              Soraker SWXX0030
              Stockholm SWXX0031
              Sundbyberg SWXX0032
              Sundsvall SWXX0033
              Sveg SWXX0049
              Svenska Hogarna SWXX0052
              Timra SWXX0034
              Torup SWXX0057
              Trelleborg SWXX0035
              Trollhattan SWXX0036
              Uddevalla SWXX0037
              Umea SWXX0038
              Upplands-Vasby SWXX0039
              Uppsala SWXX0040
              Vanersborg SWXX0041
              Varberg SWXX0042
              Vasteras SWXX0043
              Visby SWXX0061
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