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volume with m1000 on board sound card

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  • volume with m1000 on board sound card

    I am experiencing uneven volume control using the onboard sound card on my M1000 mobo.
    I am useing the smart 5.1 option where it turns your 1 output and 2 inputs to:
    1. FL/FR
    2. RL/RR
    3. Subs
    When I low the volume down it doesnt low the volume on all four speakers at the same time. infact it seems to just low the front right and right rear speakers down.
    Is their a specific setup I should use or some kind of plugin I should install??
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    i had that problem too and i just gave up and have it set up in stereo because honestly ALL OF MY MP3 is STEREO! so who cares?! just so u can tell people that u got 4.1 in your car? sorry i cant help but untill u find the plug in just listen to it in stereo.

    my 5 ch amp had a switch that i could flip to choose 2ch/4ch/5ch i have it set on 2 and the cross overs and gain controls are what i use to fade front to rear for now.
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