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which visualization do you use?

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  • which visualization do you use?

    first of all, i'd like to thank the creator of centrafuse and all those who tested the product for it to improve to this level. it's by far the best carpc frontend i've tried and it works wonders for me.

    however, we do know that centrafuse lacks visualizations. right now(1.12), the vis we get is a simple screensaver-type thing, and worse, it's not sound-sensitive.

    i heard that you could put any type of executable in the visualizations folder and i was just wondering do you have any programs that has sound-sensitive visualizations? like something to track the music that centrafuse is playing and display a full-screen graphical representation of the sound.

    i'd settle for normal spectrum analyzers or whatever, just PLEASE suggest something sound-sensitive.. thanks
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    use geiss - which is includedin the 1.12 download and is sound sensitive