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  • Centrafuse as HTPC

    I know this isn't really the forum for it, but David... have you considered Centrafuse for use as a "home theater PC" (HTPC)? I currently use MediaCenter for this in my home bar, but with the skinning capability, hot keys (that can already be mapped to remote control functions via Girder and/or winLIRC/IR Assistant), and perhaps adding "PVR"/Tivo-like functionality... it would rival any HTPC software out there.

    Just an idea, as my next skin will be made for use on a 32" TV to replace MediaCenter as the "jukebox" in my bar and allow for DVD/Video playback.


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    I know I will be using it as a just that once I get the home-made projector.
    I will have DVD's on HD plus all other stuff. No need for GPS apps in the living room so other features will fill those spots...


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      Originally posted by Don 944 LA
      No need for GPS apps in the living room
      I dunno. I've had "patrons" of my bar forget where they are after a few fresh brews. The GPS might come in handy! LOL - Miata MX-5 Carputer - Nissan Frontier Truck-puter


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        sound like a good idea but i think first veetid should finish centrafuse for car use and then maybe modify it later.
        my destinator map resource down permanently


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          yep... I am going to finish up the car version, then definetly work on a HTPC edition in the future...

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            BTW most intenesting HTP solution IMHO is MediaPortal. Chek their website.