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is there a user guide?

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  • is there a user guide?

    Is there a user guide for Centrafuse? I'm wondering what the difference is between the "+", the "++" and "Play Now" in the music manager.
    Especially with regards to how they work in single click mode.

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    + adds the folder/file in the playlist
    ++ adds folder and subfolder to playlist
    play now erases the revious playlist and add the folder/file, and starts to play
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      knubile: It also works the same in single click mode... Basically single click mode works like this... When you click a folder or category it automatically loads the selection... I know it automatically highlights the first one on the new list, but it keeps the last thing you touched as the selection... So if you click on an album, it loads the album and you see the songs, and then you click ++.... It will add the album... As soon as you click one of the songs on the list, then that becomes your selection... It was the best thing I came up with because single click kinda changed alot of my logic... I am up for suggestions though if someone has an idea of how to make it easier to understand...

      I don't currently have an up to date manual... There should be one after the release of 1.3... I am in the middle of making layout and interface changes, so there is no reason to make a manually right now...

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        My roommate wrote an app to play mp3s for touchscreen use. I like how he did it.
        There a button on the screen that toggles the mode your in. In select mode, when you click an entry it opens it up and show the next level deeper(ie. artist to albums).
        In play now mode, anything you touch is automatically recursively added to the playlist and played.
        This way you select all the way down to where you want to go, then switch modes and select what you want to play.

        He also adds an "all" entry to the top of every list. Any time you select it, it recursively adds all the items in the list to the playlist.

        I find his interface very easy to use.