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    Does Centrafuse support ogg?
    It doesn't seem to recognize any of my ogg files.... if not will it be supported it a future release?
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    Just install the codecs and add ogg in the config file.

    Goes here -->> <MUSICEXT>wav|mpa|mp2|mp3|au|aif|aiff|snd|wma</MUSICEXT>



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      sorry for bringing this thread back from it's ashes

      but guess I got some problems with ogg vorbis files

      is there any bit rate limit for CF?
      files up to 64kb/s works great
      above it they show fine in the list, but i'm unable to play it (recoded ALL my library to 96kb/s )

      just to keep david updated, I recoded all my videos too (3 days processing) and got a great improvement. recoded all files to the screen native resolution, deintrelaced and stereo sound at 192kb/s mp3 at 44khz (48khz in some). now video plays nice on epia 800

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        All my Oggs are 128Kbps or 160 kbps, and play fine in CF.
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          Originally posted by justintime View Post
          All my Oggs are 128Kbps or 160 kbps, and play fine in CF.
          guess i just encoded on a unsupported bitrate
          there we go recode all that stuff again...

          thanks justintime (thank god it's not timberlake )

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