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DVD volume much quieter than mp3 volume

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  • DVD volume much quieter than mp3 volume

    I'm using Centrafuse 1.20. After listening to music at a comfortable volume, I have to crank the volume way up when I want to watch a DVD. I've seen this problem mentioned before, but I would prefer the actual problem to be fixed, rather than have centrafuse remember the last volume setting for music and video independently. See, I don't use the volume control. My volume is always set to 100% and I just adjust the volume on my head unit.

    When I run Windvd, the volume of a dvd is perfect, but when I watch the same dvd in centrafuse, it's quiet. Any ideas?

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    agreed. i am curious about a solution for this as well. last few times ive played with centrafuse and dvd playback ive always had to turn of the volume to hear the movie. and as soon as i go back to the main screen, the music comes back and is WAY too loud. this will not be good for a car application imho. especially if you are going to have to use the volume controls in CF.
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