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CD ripping with track number info

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  • CD ripping with track number info

    I just ripped a CD using centrafuse. It downloaded CDDB info and named the tracks and generated the ID3 tags for each song but it didn't save any track number information. When I go to play the album, it loads up the songs in alphabetical order instead of by the track order that was on the CD. Is there a way to have the songs load by track number instead?

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    use CDEX to rip
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      Sort by modify date? It probably ripped them in order...
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        I try to avoid falling back to the XP OS and stay in centrafuse as much as possible so using another ripper (CDEX) is a last resort. When I rip songs using WMP on my desktop, it puts the track number in the tracker number field of the ID3 tag and filename so that the album loads in the correct order. I was just wondering if it was possible for centrafuse to do this too.