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GPS Window revisited

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  • GPS Window revisited

    This is the string I entered in the GPS window of Centrafuse fot SA 2005, but it dosen't work:
    Street Atlas 2005 / DeLorme Street Atlas USA%trade 2005 - Map File 1

    Is there anything else I need to do to get the program to properly dislplay in the Centrafuse window instead of coming up full screen?

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    Have you tried just "Street Atlas" ?
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      make sure you are in map file 1 and not one you named.
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        I am now having the same issue with the new version of centrafuse just loaded. Mine worked fine before. I am on Map File 1. and I even retyped it.
        Randell Kelly


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          well, I just uninstalled and rolled back to beta 1.0.0 and Street Atlas embeds ok again.
          by the way Mr. Blue, you are right the window name is...
          "DeLorme Street Atlas USA%trade 2005 - Map File 1" with out the quotes of course..
          I don't know whats up, must be somehting to do with the new windowing stuff.
          Randell Kelly


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            I will take a look at it... I did change some things between those versions relating to the embedding...

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              Any luck in finding out what's wrong with the new version?