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    Hi, I was wondering if its possible to make CF remember where the song was stopped on shutdown. I would like it to continue playing the current song, and not have to start over. Is this possible? Thanks!

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    It actually does remember your current everything if the application is properly shutdown or if the computer is properly shutdown. If you kill the power to CENTRAFUSE in your car though it doesn't remember. I will put something in place for people who don't have shutdown controllers..

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      Awsome, what about the option to clean the touchscreen while the unit is on.


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        Originally posted by KingsDude
        Awsome, what about the option to clean the touchscreen while the unit is on.

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          Even sometimes, when I click exit, the playlist won't save, and it will go back to the one it had before, and play the same song from the start!! Sometimes, it will save the playlist, but it will always start the song over again, not continue from the last position.

          Also, is there any way we can get more like things that dance to the music? When I'm listening to the music, I think its good just to show something thats like dancing. What about those like strippers that dance to the beat, I think I've seen them somewhere.

          I think thats it for now. I can't wait for the next release!!


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            Also, what about an equalizer? I can't figure out where I can control my bass and treble.