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  • Sound problem


    I have installed centrafuse but after a couple of minutes the volume starts to change itself and doesnt stay still, I can change the volume by holding the volume button down but i have to fight against it and it carries on changed up and down.

    Any ideas how to fix this?


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    you are using a lilliput right? there's a setting to fix that. you have to go to your touchscreen driver settings and take the check mark off something. i had the exact same problem.

    search around this forum, i think you'd be able to find it. better yet, post some screenshots of the touchscreen driver settings so i can point it out. also make sure you've downloaded the latest touchscreen drivers. you can find that on the "everything you need to know about your lilliput" thread on lcd/display subforum.

    the problem is because of one of the features of the lilliput's touchscreen drivers. it automatically does a right click when you hold it down for a second or so. that's what you have to turn off, using the latest drivers, of course.

    one way to work around it? don't press the touchscreen continuously. when you adjust the volume, tap it to your desired setting, just don't hold it down.
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      ahh I see. I dont have a lilliput but it my screen (LinITX) does have a hold for right click feature!

      I'll be ok sorting it out from here.

      Thanks emdzey01