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Will 1.3 support XM radio?

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  • Will 1.3 support XM radio?

    Not sure if I missed it or not, but will 1.3 support an XM direct or XM pcr without additional software and embedding?

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    1.3 will let you add any app
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      without frodos app or embedding anything?... The main thing I am concerned with is consistiency within the front end (as far as everything looking and functioning the same)

      I would also love to be able to mute XM, and go back to playing MP3's, pause the mp3 and go back to XM without having to reload or close the program....


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        Originally posted by anky1
        1.3 will let you add any app
        1.2 will let you embed any 2 apps. For example, I use my TMO DataLogger software instead of "Radio" (and I changed the text of the button to "Diag" too).


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          1.3 will not come with integrated XM... I do plan on building an XM plugin.. You are now allowed to embed up to 6 applications and given options for CF to perform everytime they are clicked such as pause music, select an audio source, un mute a line, etc...

          I will also be releasing an SDK for writing CENTRAFUSE plugins which will give complete control and access to just about everything...

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            SDK!!! Awesome! I can't wait!