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  • CF BETA 2 [1.3] Requests

    You knew this thread was coming david ....first great program well worth the wait, runs very smooth and quick

    Is it possible to add maybe like a shortcut to the browse by album art or any libary option. We have to click about 4 times till we get to the albums libary.....does CF have the ability to add a quick link to somewhere in CF so we just click on one button[like a apps button] and it goes right to the albums
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    ToDo list

    Hopefully David will publish his ToDo list, to prevent the same things popping up again and again...
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      Please add hotkey support for shuffle!

      And what camsgs3 said also.
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        phoco and gps :P but i think he already knows but i second the option to make a button to a libary option.

        oh and request for the GPS, speed display like mm and speedcam warnings .. and a setup for adding external apps

        last one the longer you press the fast forward button (for songs) the faster it skips hehe
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          and one touch for playing songs, its hard doing a double click while driving!
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            In the media, move the album art cover under the visual in that blank area...

            Increase the amount of apps you can define to 17 or the max buttons you could possible have on the program.
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              Scrollable song track bar.
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                Integrated Destinator (or anything that works in UK) GPS System. As embedding a seperate piece of software into destinator is a bit poo for GPS.


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                  maybe a calendar / to-do system..

                  alarm clock

                  Multiple CCTV camera support

                  erm.. thats all i can think of at the moment


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                    Letter-Seek is awesome, but it it would be better if it didn't show letters you dont have (or at least make it so when you choose a letter you don't have it goes to the nearist letter instead of staying in the same place).

                    I HAVE NO ALBUM ART . My album art is embedded in my MP3 ID3/V2 tags, not as a .jpg. This has worked for every app that supports album art that I have used so far (WMP, SnapStream, Meedio, Music Match, etc.). Please look in to supporting this. I do not have album directories (since most of them whould only have 1 or 2 songs in the anyway), so it doesn't make since to assign one album art to an entire artist.

                    That brings me to browsing by artist in the media library... I do not want to see albums after choosing an artist. I pirate all my music song by song and I have almost no complete albums. When playing a song, I would like to see the name and art of the album it was first released on. Other than that I never want anything to do with albums. Artist mode should be artist, then all songs by that artist alphebatically. Your current artist mode should probably be album mode (because if you know the name of the album you want, you probably know which artist made it, so it's better to shorten the list by putting albums under their artist [but NOT for artist mode!]). Genre is harder because some people may like Genre/Artist/Album, but since I never want to deal with albums, I just want Genre/Artist.


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                      I think you just need more music! No, jk... I agree with having it not displaying those letters.


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                        You know it works in the playlist, genre and track lists too right (and in the main Ply/Art/Alb/Gen menu too for that matter)?

                        In artist and album mode I do have all the letters... it's just a few of the numbers that I don't have.


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                          Hey, im "Low Bitrate" now? how'd that change. Sorry, I know it's way of topic.


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                            the ability to click on a song and it play, not have to click on track 7 of a album, hit load and it start playing the album from the beginning.
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                              The skin files should really be in BITMAP instead of JPEG

                              It makes no sense to use a lossy file format for skin files
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