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Windowsnames virus?!?

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  • Windowsnames virus?!?

    Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
    Event: Threat Found!
    Threat: W32.Licum
    File: D:\Carputer\windownames.exe
    Location: D:\Carputer

    Found with Symantec corp 9.0 auto protect

    What is this about?
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    Would think it's because it's "spying" on the other programs to get their windownames..
    Think it's called Spy++ or something like that..

    No worries, it's not a virus.. AV's just think it's similar to one..

    Edit: Found a link for Spy++ on MSDN.. Click here

    Edit2: Though, it could still be a virus.. You never know do you..
    Try deleting the file and download it again.. Re-scan that file and see what your AV tells you..



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      isn't windowsnames.exe an app David wrote for finding windows names for embedding

      not pointing the finger at you David
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        it is, but I took it off my server a long time ago... People have been downloading it from other sources that I know nothing about...

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          I got it from one of the posters in the Windowsnames app thread.
          2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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            Just use the app included with AutoIt
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              Originally posted by aoLhaTer
              Just use the app included with AutoIt
              I understand that, but it still doesnt explain why I am getting a virus alert when using a program distributed on these forums (not saying from David, from the other users redistributing)
              2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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                Did you download it from me???
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                  That's Semantec's datasheet on it. It looks like it's one of those Virii that 'attatches' to files on someone's computer. So if someone was infected, then reuploaded the file, it could've attatched itself. It might've even happened on a hosting server if their antivirus failed.