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CF 1.4 and Visualizations...SCR ....

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  • CF 1.4 and Visualizations...SCR ....

    in past versions, the visualization button opened a .SCR ( screensaver file ). This allowed some flexability.
    I would just use the SCR that displays pics in a folder ( my slideshow or something like that ).

    Now, in CF 1.4 I have a Object Desktop/ DesktopX widget that when clicked will display the current screensaver. It is "always on top" so it's above CF. I would prefer to have the Visual button launch this as well.

    I also have 2 other button that are on top. One that minimizes CF and displays desktop ( works great ), and another that when clicked brings down a small list or running applications ( task bar ).

    I'll get a screen cap once the car gets a WiFi sig to the house.

    Anyway, thats the change in CF that I prefered stayed the same, and my fix for it.

    Anyone have similar ideas / concepts ??


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    ive been trying to embed the old Geiss.SCR for ages no luck though so just running it over the top


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      what about skinbedder?
      Brushed Metal for Centrafuse 1.4
      Brushed Aluminum for Centrafuse 1.4

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        not a clue about it!