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    I am one of the poor unfortunate souls who own an Lilliput display.

    I was wondering if there is anyway to switch these two buttons (see attachment). I can't access the top one due to the fact that my TS is bork'd in that area.

    Any ideas if this is possible?

    Also, is there any plans to make the the album art configurable like in previous additions.. such as folder.jpg album.jpg etc?

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    I think with proper skinning skill you can move these buttons where you want, you could move themon the left of the playlist and move the album atr on the right
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      Go to the folder for the blue ice ws skin and open the skin.xml file. Go to line 710 <MUSICMANAGER> and swap the x, y, width, and height coordinates with the same fields under <ADDFAVORITE>, 2 sections down under line 742. That will switch the functionality of the musicmanager and the favorites buttons. To switch the pictures on the buttons you would have to edit the actual .png images of the skin, but it would be pretty much just 2 copy/pastes, so wouldn't be too hard.
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        I went and did it, using paint of all things. replace your music_off.png and music_down.png in your centrafuse/skins/Blue Ice WS/screens folder with these files and the buttons will be changed. You still have to edit your skin.xml file as well.
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        My 2002 F250 Install


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          Wow, thanks man +++

          Really appreciate it, now I can enjoy the new CF goodness


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            musicmanagerart_down.png in the last post should actually be this one,sorry

            glad you can use them.
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            My 2002 F250 Install