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IGuidance Embed - Sound Files Missing or Corrupted Error

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  • IGuidance Embed - Sound Files Missing or Corrupted Error

    I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue.

    I have installed IGuidance and set it up as an embedded application in CF. When I launch it from within CF, however, I receive an IGuidance error message that says that "sound files are missing or corrupted, please reinstall." This keeps IG from loading. I have uninstalled and reinstalled IG with the same result. I do not get the message and IG loads fine when I load it directly (not from CF). Any ideas?

    My setup in external.xml is:

    <PATH>"C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\iGuidance.exe"</PATH>

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    Are you using 1.4? I believe 1.3 ran the app from the CF directory rather than the iG directory which is why you get that error. I thought that was fixed in 1.4 though. Hummm, actually, maybe you should just remove the quotes ("). I think that may fix it.

    PS: You may also want to try out SKINbedder or iGMod.


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      yep... just lose the quotes... it is causing it to improperly set the working directory, therefore creating your error...

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        Removing the quotes did the trick. Thanks.