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ac3 audio in centrafuse

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  • ac3 audio in centrafuse

    hello, ppl finally my carputer is on the move; everything ok but ac3 volume is waay too low with centrafuse.
    Can I install the Ac3 filter (sourceforge) beneath centrafuse to raise the volume a little?

    Answers very appreciated
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    I'm not sure of the specifics, but when i try to play AC3s, they are low because of their large dynamic range. Movies and such are normally quiet until the action happens. Could this be the case?
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      well, they become a bit noisier when some action occurs, but not even comparable to an mp3.
      hope this gives ya buddies some hints
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        are you talking about playing ac3 audio files? if so what extension are your files?

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          in my case i have some divx with multiplexed ac3 audio streams. The "problem" occurs also when viewing a DVD. The sound is waaaaaaaaay low.

          For your intrest the ac3 format is briefly descirbed here:

          and is found in dvds. Also the ac3 audio stream can be demuxed from a dvd and later muxed into any other format (mkv, avi, ogm, etc) without compression, provided u got the correct decoder (moonlight decoder etc).
          Once demuxed the file has an .ac3 extension and contains all the information of the 5.1 channels.

          Usually the decoders adapt the channels for a stereo output but the resulting volume is very low.

          Hope this helps.
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            Have you tried ffdshow?


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              am I supposed to install ffdshow?
              Anyway i think this problem is related to the ac3 itself (it is lower also at home) just was asking if it would be ok to install the ac3 filter and crank it up a bit
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                this is the way i use the ac3filter i use ffdshow with ac3filter and vobsub for sub's.ok depending on yor speakers set up you can change the way the ac3filter decodes the audio,on windows control panel you will find the ac3filter setup icon in there you can change the cain of audio you want,even rise the volume and a e.q. it is very easy to set this up.on 5.1 channels the ac3filter needs a lot of cpu power so if you dont have at list a 2.6 p4 you may have some problems on the video playback,but on audio no problem.and like i ask to david in another threat video with ac3 audio it is playable,but the ac3 audio by itself is not for the moment,i hope david can fix this i really enjoy the music recorded on 5.1 it is another world.

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                note:sorry for my english.
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                  ok, thanks for the repiles, it seems its working (not correctly but it does).
                  The ac3filter dosent hook to the ac3 streams (the audio levels are all grayed out) but it seems i can higher the volume.

                  I'll be testing this today so i'll let ya know.
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