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CentraFUse expiration?

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  • CentraFUse expiration?

    3 basic questions for Dave!

    1) When does CF 1.4 expire?
    2) Will we ever be left without a working CF version, or at least a version to purchase?
    3) When is 1.5 planned to be released?

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    The Beta's will work the rest of the year... they will expire in 2006, or actually the end of December 2005... I plan to have the commercial version of Centrafuse ready sometime this November... If for some reason I don't get the commercial version finished before the Beta's expire, then I will release a new license for the Beta's so they can continue to work... 1.5 should be ready within a couple of weeks at the most... I had hoped to have it released this coming week, but don't think I will make it... The SDK has taken me a little longer than expected... I have only a couple more days to finish the plugins and the SDK... then I expect it will hopefully take no longer than a week to fix all the reported bugs and small feature enhancements....

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      Originally posted by veetid
      1.5 should be ready within a couple of weeks at the most... david
      So good news... i still have some hardware related issues... and hopefully get them sorted too just in time for new version...

      just cant wait to spend 4 days (and nights) on forum again... with rest of the mob ready to hang u to flagpole on slightest indication of delay


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        OK few weeks passed... getting anxious...

        * going to fetch some tar and feathers... *


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          Around how much are you planning on charging for centrafuse when the final version comes out
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