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Rotary encoder "OSK" - Request

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  • Rotary encoder "OSK" - Request

    Hello David,

    Most things in centrafuse can controlled without the need for a touchscreen,
    but one thing that requires it is the OSK. I was thinking that you could use a rotary encoder for that, Griffin powermate, or make your own, the functionality would be the same.

    What I'd like to see is an option of selecting between the standard OSK and a "rotary OSK", if you would use the scrollwheel from the mouse as input then it's up to everyone else how they'd implement the hardware.

    This is a rough idea what I was thinking about, scrolling left/right for the characted you want and one click to enter it into the current dialog.
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      I would like if the OSK could be modular... so people could set up a certain OSK and centrafuse would invoke that. That would also make it possible to OSK presented up there to co-exist with current one in centrafuse.

      and people like me who use tablet as carPC could mayby invoke their tablets native OSK if they consider that best solution...


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        Well, how about that !


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          David, what do you think about implementing something like this to quickly jump to an artist starting with a certain letter? Maybe that existing software will cover that?



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            MWI is a standalone application that is made to support other applications with input.
            Here's an overview:
            Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!


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              but requires .NET

              ...just for the record


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                So does CF, so it's not a big problem for the CF users

                The only thing I find a bit annoying with MWI is that you dont have access to backspace through the scroll list.
                Maybe it is if you look for it a bit more, something I haven't done just yet.

                Not to put down any of Zorros work, but it would be sweet to have something similar fully integrated in CF in order to get rid of the OSK (OSK and textbox are integrated right now).

                I'd agree that there are more important things to tend to, but it might be an idea for the future.



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                  I'm going to give that one a try.