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Whats Centra like with dual screens?

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  • Whats Centra like with dual screens?

    I was wondering what centrafuse is like with dual screens? I know there is an option to have the videos and vis being displayed in the second screen. What is displayed on other displays when your not playing a video? Is it just a copy of the main window?

    I just have a picture in my head of the rear screen displaying the same as the front screen. Then later having it when I tell it to load up a video, I still got my GPS in front.

    Also, will we have the option in the future to tell plugins and apps where they are displayed? Have the ability to tell Display1, Display2, or Both. Perhaps by hotkey and config. That way they can have some control over what they would see on the second display. I can have the GPS on the display1 and perhaps they could switch between: Weather, Web, Video, Games, Music, ect...
    Hardware: VIA Epia MS 12000, 512 DDR, 60GB HD, 7" Xenarc, GM-210, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Xtreme
    Software: Centrafuse2,, nLite, TopoUSA 5.0, iGuidance, Girder, Winc

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    Anyone know?
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      I've been trialling it in my house, using my 6" Lilliput as Display 1 and a 56" RP as Display 2 via s-Video(makes the Lilliput look really tiny!)

      My setup is a Dell Latitude C840 - P4 1.6Ghz with 512Mb and a 64Mb GeForce 440 Go. Using a hacked INF I've been able to setup the GeForce (Forceware 67.50) with an Analogue Display as the primary and the TV Out as the secondary. With PStrip I've got my 800x480 resolutions to suit.

      How does it behave? Well it's still early days, I'm using CF Ver. 1.4 obviously and the following is the case on my setup:
      1. When in CF Menu's (and not playing video), etc Display 2 shows the background image of Windows (not bad, I just show a logo on a black desktop).
      2. When you select a Video from the queue I don't think (by memory) it goes to full screen, clicking on the video thumbnail on Display 1 turns on and off the full screen video on Display 2.
      3. Whilst video is on Display 2 you can navigate CF without stopping the video, as long as you don't choose an option like radio or DVD which will stop it (like normal).

      I haven't tested Visualisation yet, I'm mainly concerned with video, and I want video on the back displays and GPS up front.

      In my testing I found a few bizarre (good and bad) things:
      Unlike most Dual Display setups, CF actually play the video on both screens... i.e. the thumbnail on Display 1 continues to play as well. My experience is that the overlay used for full screen usually stops other videos playing elsewhere.... then again this is my only PC with an nVidia GeForce (everything else is ATI). With some earlier Dell drivers using the DFP and an Analogue monitor I appeared to be getting full screen on both monitors, with the ability to switch Display 1 back to thumbnail size with the CF interface around it by tapping the screen. (I was stoked, I actually want it to work that way - David if you’re reading his, can this be added to the wish list - When Display 2 is running Flyscreen video, can we also somehow switch between full screen video and back to thumbnail on Display 1?) It was unstable, hence I upgraded the Forceware drivers and this behaviour has changed.

      Changing the brightness in CF doesn't affect the current playing clip (well at least in my testing thus far). Stopping and restarting the clip dropped the brightness.

      Using two screens I was watching the CPU and WMV files where constantly hitting 100% and causing irregular playback. AVI (DivX) didn't appear to have the same issue... still testing alternatives as I encode all my clips for the car anyway.

      So in summary I've experienced some bugs, but it's definitely something I'll be progressing with... slowly, I don't have much spare time.

      PS - Sorry for the long post.




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        wow, this is very promising for dual-screen!

        2005 Range Rover 4.4
        Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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          Thanks for the reply with how dual screens work. Not a 100% what I hoped for, but I can always hope later verisions will support more. I had the first real test of having a game emulator in the car and boy talk about distraction... I am still crossing my fingers that these things can be placed on the second screen in later verisions.

          Not to sound completely negative, I am really pleased to hear we can do other stuff on the main screen while video or dvd is playing.
          Hardware: VIA Epia MS 12000, 512 DDR, 60GB HD, 7" Xenarc, GM-210, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Xtreme
          Software: Centrafuse2,, nLite, TopoUSA 5.0, iGuidance, Girder, Winc