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Request: Time based gamma control.

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  • Request: Time based gamma control.

    Would be nice to have the gamma control time based.

    You set a day time ex. 8am->9pm with bright gamma. And night time 9pm->8am with dark gamma. It should be optional and able to change times.

    But the gamma control button should remain in the skin so you can change gamma anyway.

    If this feature is consuming some CPU or memory power you could make it only to check time and gamma setting at the startup of centrafuse.

    Thanks for making Centrafuse better and better all the time! (But currently I have CF 1.2 in my car. I think there are some annoying bugs left to have it in my car. Playlist dissaperars some times etc. And lack of intergrated GPS support. (using MapMonkey on my PC with CF 1.4))

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    I just use GammaControl. Which works GREAT!

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      The latest ver of GamaControl from boris already has this future.

      RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

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