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possible to navigate menus via keyboard?

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  • possible to navigate menus via keyboard?

    unforunatly, I don't have a touchscreen. I'm trying to find the perfect front end for my car pc setup.

    I'm going to be using a home made IR Receiver, along with girder (to translate IR codes to keyboard presses) to control the computer.

    I downloaded and run centrafuse for the first time just now, it seems very well designed, and would love to be able to incorporate it into my project, but I don't see a way to control it using a keyboard...

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    If you go into the system folder of the centrafuse directory you will see a hotkeys.xml that has all the keyboard short cuts. Right now in 1.4 there isn't enough to completely control centra. I beleive in 1.5 there will be more hotkeys (how many I don't know).

    I have used girder to also send commands using a home made IR receiver to centrafuse. Be aware if you use the winlirc plugin you will have problems with it when centrafuse loads. Runs great till centrafuse opens then it stops receiving IR signals for some reason. You will have to use the igor IR plugin to get it to work correctly with centrafuse.
    Hardware: VIA Epia MS 12000, 512 DDR, 60GB HD, 7" Xenarc, GM-210, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Xtreme
    Software: Centrafuse2,, nLite, TopoUSA 5.0, iGuidance, Girder, Winc