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Centrafuse Embedded Apps Launch on Startup?

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  • Centrafuse Embedded Apps Launch on Startup?

    Hello All,

    In the process of building and planning my and details soon.

    My Question:

    Is there anyway to launch an embedded application in CF on startup?

    Say for example, I want to always have ministumbler or iGuidance running at all times without manually launching them.

    Can CF be configured to launch these automatically when it loads?

    I did for this and could not find anything relevant.


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    Don't know if that will work or not; however, hibernation accomplishes the same thing. When you resume from hibernation everything is as it was when you entered hibernation.


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      veetid wrote:

      1.5 has the ability to specify applications to launch at startup, shutdown, and resume... Not a bad idea about being able to assign one of the startup apps to APP1, APP2, ... , APP6... I will think about it...

      I think 6 external apps should be enough... I allow an unlimited amount of plugins... Once I have all my plugins created, I don't see why anyone would run an external app... hopefully there will be plugins for everything...


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        Ah its a feature to be included in 1.5...

        Hibernation works as well...however, there are times when the system will have to boot fresh I'm sure.

        Seeing as how my wife will be using the vehicle as well, I'd like to automate the process as much as possible.

        Thanks for the responses.