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why won't iguidance center in CF?

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  • why won't iguidance center in CF?

    when i embed iguidance in CF... the program opens and then moves to the corner. how do i fix this?
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    either your window name is incorrect (iGuidance), or you're not clicking the nag screen away fast enough.
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      and then i tried to use iGmod2.0... and i get these buttons on the screen that don't do anything when i press them. the + and - and everything else seem to be in the wrong place. though it does center the program correctly.
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        i double checked the window name and it is indeed iGuidance. how fast do i have to click away the nag screen? i'm doing it as fast as i can!


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          I've had that problem. Once loaded just go fullscreen and then back. It will fix it.



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            Hey Poe, are you getting a message saying to make sure that your GPS receiver is connected? If so, that's what is causing your issue. Plug in your GPS receiver, auto find it in iGuidance again, then try running it again within CF.

            You then won't get the Receiver not connected message, and it'll display correctly.

            I just had this problem last night.

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              Check that out I used skinbedder worked good and I have a large gps screen.


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