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Regeristing for 1.5

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  • Regeristing for 1.5

    To get the serial number it looks like I am supposed to signup on the website. Once I do this and try to login, it tells me my account is not yet active, but I do not get any email like it says.

    Does anyone know what I can do?


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    Spdyscotty, did you use a gmail account? If so, it takes longer than most, and may have been thrown into the Spam folder. If you have a job that provides you with email and you won't get in trouble for receiving private emails, use that address. Anyway, it works as it should, it looks like it is your email provider that is holding things up.
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      I used my OLD 1.4 serial number, and it worked. Is this by design David?!
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        I ended up using my old aol email and it worked. I think the reason it did not go to my normal account is that I already had an account? Then again, I could not log in with that name before signing up again anyhow.

        Regardless, I got a new serial by using a new email address. I now have two accounts and am locked out of one.