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Setting missing : How to enable or create POI with CF1.5

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  • Setting missing : How to enable or create POI with CF1.5

    Hello David.
    First, thanks for your job... CF is really a good stuff and i'm happy to see again D3 included.
    I'm using CF1.3 and was really happy, and now with 1.5, the GUI is much easyer but lot of settings are missing.
    For example:
    - How can i enable the POIs or Alert Camera or GATSO, and see it on the map ??
    - On CF1.3 when you type a street or city you see it in the list ....with the new keyboard you need to validate and wait the result list...if not you have the complete list. Could it be possible to just put some word and CF search it in the complete list ?
    - How can i choose another voice language (i find a temp solution with copy FRENCH voice in folder named ALL but it could be nice to choose without this way)
    -And the last how work the intersection ......i really don t understood how it could ...

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    he is working on improving the gps plug-in and he said we can acpect a update for that soon.

    The language... just install mapmonkey and change it in there.. the gps plug-in wil take the language.
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