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Volume control and iPod support

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  • Volume control and iPod support

    Hi there. Being this my first post, let me say that I'm hugely impressed with Centrafuse. Once I get going on my car computer, it will certainly bring it all together.

    That said, I have a minor concern: The volume changes relatively slowly. If I want to turn the sound up or down quickly, it doesn't seem like there is an option other than to go to the mixer or use the mute button to completely silence it.
    One thing that I love about my Alpine CDA9835 is that the mute button doesn't completely mute; it takes the sound down -10db when you press it, then fades back up to where you had it when you press it again.
    Any chance of a feature like this in Centrafuse?

    Also, iPod support as discussed in other threads would be very, VERY nice. It would allow friends to bring their own music into my car if need be.

    Something even greater would be to make it so when you plug in your own iPod (recognized by serial number(?)), it moves anything that's on the iPod that is not on your computer over to it the computer. That way by the transitive property (thank you, 7th grade algebra): iPod is in sync with Desktop, Car is in sync with iPod -> Car is in sync with Desktop.

    Sure sitting in my car with a wifi adapter could do that, but that takes a lot of manual work and a LOT of time, where as this is automatic, quick, and painless.

    My two cents. Look forward to seeing the new skin finished, too!

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    you don't always want to sync it to the computer... lappy686 (my carputer) has a 20gb hd, while my ipod is 40gb and full