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CF the best (IMO) for 1+ screen setups.

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  • CF the best (IMO) for 1+ screen setups.

    I use a Palm OS PDA to VNC into my computer. It took me awhile to determine the best resolution for it to run at. It's a native 480x320 but vnc is funky in that it optimizes all the screen real estate at 440x310. Thankfully the Nvidia card I use allows you to add your own custom resolutions so I made one at 880x610 and made the scale 1:2 in the VNC prog. Problem solved and I don't have to worry about screens moving onscreen at too small a resolution.

    At the moment I do that through an ad-hoc wireless conection. I use a seperate portable media player that has A/V in to view videos. I've tried every frontend out there and although some have a 'split screen' mode. Nothing is as simple to use as CF. I like how you can specify which display shows the video, music, or dvd. It's really a godsend to me as I didn't want to buy another lcd screen if I could make use of devices I already have.

    I guess I'm also wondering who else out there uses more than one display and if you do which frontend you chose and why?

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    I used a secondary screen for a while, until I kinda broke it trying to make a flip down of it.. and I also use CF .. great program, liscensing is a pain, but for a good product I'll play ball.

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      just to point out that even though "liscensing is a pain", David is just trialing his licensing system atm and so it should (hopefully) be smoother at release Plus if u do have problems with it, hes always been very ready willing and (usually) able to help.

      I've been messing around with two screens, and CF does seem to be better than anything else I've seen for this tbh

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