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Dial Up Networking #'s still not saving

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  • Dial Up Networking #'s still not saving

    I am trying to connect to dial up networking via bluetooth. When I set up the connection in CF, everything saves except the #777 (phone number) However, I did read more about this problem in this forum

    David said something about the # symbol not being a valid xml tag. I was directed to enter "777 to replace the # symbol. Still doesn't save though. Is there anywhere I can "Hard Code" this instead of entering the # through CF xml files or something?

    All helps is appreciated.

    If I just enter the number 777 it will save and dial, but #777 doesn't, which is what I need to dial

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    Can anyone help me with this dial up networking issue

    Anyone? David, where ya at my friend? I just need to know where I can enter the "777 instead of #777 for the dial up networking number.


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      you should be able to just use "777 and it should save... This has been fixed in 1.6... I htmlencode before I write to xml files now...

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