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  • HotKey Issue

    I have the following issue with Hot Keys ATM:

    I decided to make a small app that will convert a cheap gamepad's buttons to keyboard stokes, using a simple VB app and the SendKey "<keys>" routine. Then I plan to tap into the car's factory steering wheel control... I spent an hour or so and it's firing up with a config screen, etc - works with Notepad, Word, Solitaire... basically everything... except for Centrafuse.

    If I go into "Tools", "HotKeys" it will recognise the Keystokes sent, I save this as the Hot keys for a particular funtion then return to the Media playlist and nothing happens. Using the actual keyboard works, but not my SendKey's... I tried using Ctrl+Alt+x, then Ctrl+x then just x, then Fx keys... all with no luck. I did notice though that the SendKeys "Down" and "Up" works in the playlist, but setting a Hotkey to "Right" or "Left" doesn't work either.

    So now I'm utterly confused?? I'm guessing the Hot Keys function differently to the capture routine in "Tools", "HotKeys"?

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    I just use a small app called KeyText for that. It allows not only key-mapping but mouse-mapping and calling of various programs to a single keypress on a touchpad (I use the N-52 Nostromo keypad myself)

    So, for instance, with a single keypress, I can "call" the media player that's currently playing, have it choose a random song, change it back out of random mode, and go back to the program I was originally working in with a single button press.