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    as you know the album art feature in the software does not work. but you can put your own art in this place by creating a 300 x 300 px jpeg file and calling it "Folder.jpg". After you have created your art save it in folders where your music is and thats that.

    *note you may have a "hiden" file by that same name (that is the art showing in the window) click "ok" to over write it.
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    That would take a long time with over 1500 albums worth of music.
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      Am I missing something?

      What do you mean it doesn't work? It works just fine for me and I really haven't heard of anyone else not getting it to work.


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        works the same as windows XP with actually more support... because I also look for album.jpg, <filename.jpg>. folder.jpg

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          Originally posted by djchicago
          as you know the album art feature in the software does not work.


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            Originally posted by kbreeden
            album cover works flawless for me...
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              First you say it doesn't work, then you say how to use it.


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                My $0.02 = I am using 1.4 until 1.6 is released and have all my album art stored in the tags, so no album art for me. As mentioned above, I am not about to go through multiple gigs of music creating jpg's from the tag info. I'll wait for a version that can read the tag like WMP does, thanks.
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                  The issue for me is not that I do want to go through gigs of music making external folder.jpg files, it's that I can't due to my library layout. I have all songs by an artist in a single directory (no album directories). This is because I have no complete albums (just tons of singles). The best I could do is assign one album picture to all songs by each artist, but that's just lame!

                  My per file ID3 art works fine in WMP, WinAmp, Meedio, WinXP MCE, Phatnoise Media Manager, and everything else I have ever used other than CF .


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                    all i am saying is that on my pc's, the album art is there in the tag and I am able to see it in other softwares but not in CF, the only file it sees is the "folder.jpg" so I altered that file to see my art in the window.. sorry if I did not explain it well.
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