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Anyone Know of a program for this?

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  • Anyone Know of a program for this?

    A CD Burner app I could embed into centrafuse. It would be cool if we could go to an album in CF and there is an option called "Burn Cd" and hit that one button and it automatically burns. Anyone know how to do this? Appreciate your help

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    That would actually be REALLY cool. A friend likes what they're hearing? A few taps on the screen and you've made them a CD of it.


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      wouldn't it be cool? Man that happens to me all the time, my friends are in the car and there like "Burn that for me" only thing I can say is wait until we get back home. "CD Burning in the car is coming soon" Hopefuly someone will come up with a plugin for it. I wish I knew how to...

      A program called media portal has it


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        I think it's not too hard, windows xp embeds a burning engine so it's a only matter of using it.. try to push plugin developers
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