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  • Deciding on Front End?

    Hello all,

    I have my carputer parts on order and I should be getting them today in the mail. Anyway, I have been reading up on Roadrunner and Centrafuse, and I think I am leaning towards Centrafuse since it seems like it has so many features integrated rather then programs running under the frontend. I am very new to this, so my understanding may be incorrect. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Anyway, I have read threads regarding beta liscensing ending and people having to reinstall Centrafuse or their OS. Is this still an issue? How long is the trial time for? Any forcast of when a retail version would be available and an estimate on the price point your after? Also, any way in which beta testers can lend a hand with paypal donations in exchange for either a lower cost when the retail version becomes available or possibly a beta version without the trial time issues?

    Does the beta or anticipated retail version support multiple monitors? I currently only have one, but I would like to add a second in the future so the kids can watch in the backseat with headphones while I listen to MP3's or do nav while driving. OK I lied its really for PORN in the backseat with the wife.

    Best regards,


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    The BETA licensing issue was an accident... It was a year typo in 1.5... All the BETA's are set to expire generally after 4 months of release. This is just to one BETA test the licensing system and also to get people to download the new BETA's so they can be tested...

    I have stated that all registered BETA testers on my site will be emailed a discount code once the commercial version has been released.

    Centrafuse already has some multiple monitor support and more will be added..

    Hope this helps,
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      Hey David,

      Thanks for the reply, it helped a lot. I noticed your carputer specs on your posting. It says you have Iguidance, but I thought Centrafuse uses Destinator. Just curious.

      Also, I plan to instal an OS sometime next week. My PC arrives today, but the CPU is still in the mail. Can you give me an idea of what software I should already have in place before I load centrafuse. Destinator or Iguidance, any special drivers I need. Also, since 1.6 is on the cusp of release, should I wait it out or just load 1.4 or 1.5 instead? If I load an older version, is it tough to upgrade from one version to another? If 1.6 were to become available within 2 to 3 weeks, I would wait, but if you think it will be longer I will just load the previous version.

      Best regards,



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        I would wait for 1.6...

        I also just haven't updated my signature in a long time...

        01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
        M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210


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          I personally have been running 1.4 (1.5 didn't like me!), i'm just waiting for the 1.6 release to come out before I do anything else.


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            I'm waiting for 1.6 to come out before I do anything... seriously, I have been in my car for 2 weeks, doing nothing but playing chess with myself...

            Oh, how said it would be if it were true.

            *it's true*
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              I've never tried roadrunner. Went straight for centrafuse 1.5 and I've only had some slight problems that have been figured out by using good codecs.
              1.5 is worth it and hardly disappoints.

              Give it a shot and if its not for you roadrunner will be waiting.

              Oh yea...disable the gps plugin if you go with iguidance.
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                Which Front End? Me Too.

                I'm in almost exactly the same situation, except I have been building my carputer for the past month. I now have most everything working the way I want, and desire to implement a front-end prior to deployment.

                I do have some unusual applications though, as the primary role of my system is Com and Nav, and not entertainment, although I have XM and a TV tuner installed, and of course want to play MP3's. As a result, it's going to be essential that I be able to integrate my own applicatiosn in to the front end. So I'm wondering what front-end is best for this? I'm thinking RoadRunner, but don't know. I'm also curious if anyone here is involved in Commercial or Amateur Radio, or if anyone has any comment on the more esoteric ones:

                Here are my applications:

                -ham radio deluxe (HRD) intefaced to qty of 2 IC-706MkIIG
                -scancat gold
                -PCALE (PC based Fed 1024 ALE for the IC-706)
                -PCMSCAN (OBDII vehicle system's interface)
                -XMxtreme (looking for alternatives)
                -WinTV via WinTV-PCI board (occasionally hangs the system)
                -Intervideo Multimedia Player

                For data connectivity, I'm using:
                -Orinoco Gold for Wifi
                -Globalstar Satphone's Superbroadband 9600 baud interface via RS232...
                -and finally HF Airmail.
                -Bluetooth dongle with Blue Soleil

                I'm looking for a good bluetooth cell phone application, and also looking for a good general purpose Nav application that is not a Map-based system, but a traditional navigation data source with a lot of flexibility for waypoints, datums, and vehicle dynamics. I want to run this concurrently with iGuidance.
                I'm using GPSGate to distribute one USGlobalsat MR350 NMEA output to the 3 GPS applications. I'm also branching off the NMEA data to feed an APRS VHF position transmitter befre the PC.

                Something else I wish to accomplish is an interface to the vehicle's dash display, although this is probably way down the road.

                Anyone out there do things like this?


                Oh, the PC hardware is:

                Travla C138
                M1-ATX power supply
                EPIA MII10000
                1GB RAM
                60 gig laptop drive
                Xenarc 700TSV
                Slotload DVD-RW
                remote USB slotload DVD drive in the dash
                4 prolific USB to RS232 converters
                generic 4-port USB hub