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  • Data Management and Centrafuse

    Hello ALL,

    I just loaded my OS on my Aopen Pandora and went the pentium M route just to be able to take advantage of the many features available as well as those to come. Anyway, I do not have a front end installed yet and am waiting patiently for 1.6, but I would like to get some of my programs and data in place while I wait. Any suggestions of software I should load that work well with Centrafuse. I partitioned my drive 20gb for programs and 60GB for data such as mp3's, videos and the like.

    I want to make sure I set up a good file management scheme started from the getgo rather then wish I had done it a different way down the road. I would be curious to know how others manage this. Should I just make a directory and call it Music Files and then starting ripping CD's ( I have lots ). Does it save the information based on album then step down to artist then to song title? Does centrafuse show album art? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I hope I can wait it out for 1.6, but since all is up and running, I am having trouble not loading 1.5 cause I want to play with this thing.

    Best regards,


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    All you need is a good DVD codec, such as PowerDVD.. Make sure you can play DVD's in Windows Media Player... Then install FFDShow and AC3Filter.. This is all you need to play just about every video format...

    On your 60GB partition create a Library folder.. Inside this folder simply make 3 folders, Music, Videos, Pictures...

    Place your Videos in the videos folder and if you include a jpg with the same name as the video, it will show up as video art in Centrafuse...

    You can use anything to rip CD's into the Music folder... I now support embedded album art as well as the standard folder.jpg...

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