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  • WMA or MP3?


    I intend to load 1.6 as my front end and then begin to load CD's. This is my first Carputer and am starting with a fresh HD. Should I rip MP3's or WMA's. Windows pushes WMA in their WMA vs MP3 article, but since WMA is their Codec I figured it would be biased. So my question is, what do the vast majority of Carpc users rip and at what Kbit. I have been using WMA at 128kbit here at work for some time and it always sounded just fine on small PC speakers, but my car has much better sound ability then my PC speakers at work, I plan to start fresh so I am open to anything.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


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    I personally use mp3 at high bitrare, 320kbps costant
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    100% installed and working :D


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      If you only intend to use the music on your carputer and never transfer it to a different device. WMA files are getting to be quite common, and most players will support them...but I have never seen a portable media device that does not support MP3's. As such, my recommendation would be to use MP3. That way, if you but a portable music player (ipod, etc), you will be assured the files you already riped would be compatible.
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