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  • Wav files in CF

    I have all of my music in WAV format because I like the full CD quality of WAV blah blah blah. I have in the past used Road Runner and had all of them stored by folder with artist and album, but now if I end up going CF which I'm definitely leaning towards, I have the problem of no mp3 info tags on my WAV files. CF will import them into the library, but they are all listed by track name as untitled artist untitled album....

    Any ideas on how to solve this? I would be willing to go with an mp3 or wma tag or something if I could get closer to the 1000 kb/s encode rate.

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    Really. All this on a compaq armada? Didn't those come with a 20 gig drive?
    J/K. I actually just sold my compaq armada p3-700 yesterday.

    Try a better lossless codec. FLAC:
    FLACDrop (Frontend for flac) here :
    Scion tC 2005 with DWW-700H
    Via Eden M10000, 512MB, 100GB 5400rpm, Xp Pro


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      Yup, 20 gigs it has. Great machine. I don't really have an extensive library... I like certain music and thats what I stick with. Having 500 cd's on there is not necessary to me. Plus, I have a usb2.0 160 gig hard drive that I store all my media on. The laptop hard drive houses the operating system, front end files and navigation. The media drive holds the rest... I have backup dvd's of the operating drive and images stored on the media drive so that if it crashes I can have the system up and running again in hours instead of days.

      But the question still stands... anybody?