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  • The word "THE"

    I just noticed that David added this feature in 1.6! When browsing through the Media Library, any Artist names that start with the word THE are sorted correctly (by ignoring the word THE). Nifty!

    So you have:

    The B-52's
    The Beach Boys

    Just a suggestion, would be even better if you had:

    B-52's, The
    Beach Boys, The

    The reason is that the human eye scans for first letters, all the way down the list. So even though I know I am looking for The B-52's somewhere around the 'B', as I scan down I come across a bunch of 'T's and kind of interrupts the scanning process in my limited brain In all seriousness though...
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    Nice! That with ID3 art make the music manager a ton better. I could go either way on JITs request though (I'll have to wait until I can try it in my car). Maybe make it optional (and while your at it, some people like all the "the's" together too, best to make 3 different options).

    I'd still like to allow re-sorting of the now playing list as described long ago, and the ability to browse by different list structures (ie: Genre/Artist/Title rather than Genre/Artist/Album/Track).


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      Didnt even notice that correction made it in
      Very glad it did I brought that up a while ago and honestly wasnt sure if David paid attention

      Im personally fine as is with the "The" preceeding so long as the sorting is now correct
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