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Still having Volume Issuse in 1.6

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  • Still having Volume Issuse in 1.6

    I still have the same volume issues i (and a few others) posted about in the other thread. One PC, Volume sticks at 33ish%, wont go up or down. On my car PC the volume goes up and down but it goes from 0db at 0% to about 70% of the max dB at 34% then at 36% volume its back at 0db then hits max db at 100% volume. If you get what i'm saying. Might take a few reads.

    My workaround is just to stay at 34-100% since this is the range i can use that seems to give me the full volume range. But the only problem is when i forget about the glitch, or when someone else is driving my car that doesnt know about it and tries to turn down the volume, once it hits 32% the audio systems instantly hits max volume which is rediculously loud and not very good for the speakers.

    When i control the pre slider, which i talked about before in other threads, everything works fine. I was hoping in 1.6 to have the ability to map the slider that the main volume control controls, but no luck.

    Every other front end works on both my systems as they seem to control the volume control in a more universal way. Most allow mapping of the control as well.

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